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The works at Brine Leas School in Nantwich consisted of phased works to provide a remodelled science lab and additional classrooms internally. The works also included the demolition of existing classrooms followed by the construction of new special needs classrooms, together with an extension to the lobby and entranceways.

We successfully carried out all works within the schedule to a high standard, whilst allowing other areas of the school to remain fully operational. We also accommodated a range of additional works on the project whilst keeping the programme period tight as required.

As a large portion of the scheme was to be carried out during term time, we were careful to ensure that segregation strategies were employed, including through routes for contractors, enclosed areas and safety fencing with pedestrian barriers and full exclusion hoardings. All works were communicated to School management prior the being carried out to ensure that all parties were aware of our operations. Deliveries were carefully planned to ensure that they did not coincide with busy school periods, such as morning, break times and leaving times.